Core values of the Agency

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Brief History

The Ondo State Agency for Commerce, Industry and Cooperative Services was, created on 12th July, 2019. Before then it used to be Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade. When the newly created Ondo State was carved out of the Western State of Nigeria. On 12th July, 2019, the Ministry was renamed agency via a circular from the department of Service Matters, Office of the Head of Service, Governor’s Office; though it was expressly it would continue to perform the activities of the Ministry.



The Agency administers six (6) departments to promote the sustainable commercial and industrial growth in Ondo State, through the improvement of business support service policies.

Laws Guiding Our Operations

  1. Registration of Business Premises and Licensing of Artisan Ondo State Law Cap. 131 of 2010
  2. Collection of Haulage fee Federation Law Cap. 121 of 2004 schedule to taxes and levies (Approved list for collection) ACT Amended Order 2015.
  3. Collection of rent on State-Owned Markets and Government buildings overview of the taxes and levies (Approved list for collection) in Nigeria ACT 1998
  4. Ondo State Cooperative Societies Law and Regulations Chapter 35 (Cap. 35) 2006.

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